Health Check


Today IT security is one of the critical area which many organisations overlook due to many reasons and when it come to BI security people give less priority compare to other systems and applications. In reality BI security should be one of company’s main focus as it not only contain sensitive information but also company’s data, and reputation dangles on the edge of devastation. Many times, businesses suffer not only the financial devastation caused by security breaches, but they suffer the loss of consumer confidence. Both are as equally devastating and determine whether a business can recover. Every two seconds, a person became a victim of identity theft!!

Our Cognos Health Check ensures that your environments are configured to IBM Cognos proven practice standards. The BI Health Assessment helps you identify environmental weaknesses or deficiencies so that plans can be made to mitigate their associated risks. This service is particularly valuable when you are faced with configuration concerns, environment instability or resource utilization issues that may put your data at risk. We also help to automate security data check

It is a good practice for business that they always have a second opinion from third party about current Analytics security status.  

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